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Hello~! I have to warn you that the only creepypasta I read besides this one was the Hetalia one, and I won't be able to compare. But I...

London is burning by JohannesVIII

I loved it! I had to take down the originality a notch because this was basically based of a screenshot, but it still was high because ...


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Lexi DeLapp
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United States
Okay, so I live in Missouri my whole life. I have not visited another country before, and the only other state I've been in is Kansas because I live close to the border (Kansas City Area to be exact).

I would love to learn new languages, but I can't really fit that into my life right now. I know a couple words of German, French, Russia, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese, but it's only like 1 or 2 with most of those. I have learned a little bit of Latin in elementary school (all through 3rd and 5th grade) but I only remember how to say hello, and a few numbers. I wouldn't mind picking back up on Latin, but not right now.

I like comedy and supernatural anime with a good plot. I'm not a huge fan of romance, but I do ship a lot of pairings (mostly yaoi). A few things are an exception, like Sword Art Online, 5 Centimeters Per Second, and. . . I can't think of any other romance animes I like. But I do love fanfiction within the genre of romance. I just feel really uncomfortable seeing it canon for some reason.

I love writing fanfiction (a lot of it is reader fics). Right now it's mostly Hetalia, but I got some Black Butler stuff in the making. I'm open to requests, but I haven't gotten any yet. Not to mention I procrastinate a lot ^^; Cue the almost empty gallery! (well compared to a lot of other people)

I also write some original stories, and have 40+ OCs . I like writing humor, slice-of life, supernatural, really sad stuff, cute things, horror, and (rarely) romance.

I would gladly make friends with you if you want. We don't even need to have the same interests, but I can listen if you want to talk to me, even if it's something personal. I just ask that you don't judge my interests, note me if your interested in being friends, listen to me when I need someone to talk to, watch me (don't worry, I'll watch you back~), be completely honest, and not get too personal.

If you find this page, and know me in real life, please do NOT tell anyone of my personal business (includes my address, age, password, personal things you shouldn't even know, etc.), and note me to tell me you're there (so I can watch you~).

I like a lot a fandoms including Hetalia, Black Butler, Sword Art Online, No. 6 (the manga, not the anime), Death Note, Dragon Knights, Trinity Blood, Family Guy, OHSHC, Creepypastas, Adventure Time, Kamichama Karin, Harry Potter, The Seven Kingdom Trilogy, and the list gets bigger all the time.

I like RPG games, mostly horror with a lot of puzzles, but only when there aren't too many jump scares. Like the Crooked Man, Ib, HetaOni, Dreamtalia, HetaSparkle (btw that's not a horror), Dangantalia, Zero: Spirit Focus, Kyo Oni, HetaFear, Insanitalia, HetaHospital, Dolltalia, Misao, and I'm looking for more great games!

In the future, I plan on getting into digital drawing (I need a better computer first). I'll start with coloring lineart (I think that coloring may be easier for me to do, I've already practiced a little bit in dA muro) and draw various things like bedrooms and idk trees, and in my free time I'll practice drawing people and other things I have difficulty drawing. It's been sort of a dream of mine to become a great artist and a great author. I'm already working on the author thing so why not be an artist too?

If I had to say anything about my personality, I'd say that I get a little crazy sometimes and somewhat selfless. I say somewhat because I put others before me, yet don't help with things often. In real life I'm a little shy around people I don't know well, self-conscious, and even a little awkward. That doesn't really apply on here because you can't see my awful clothes and bed-head XD.

I really take everything anyone says to me to heart. Compliments and insults. I really am fragile about people hating me (good thing I've never had a bully), and try my best to be nice to most people. So I would really appreciate it if you kept your hateful comments to yourself.

I shouldn't put this at the end but I tend to rant about the stupidest things that doesn't concern anyone but me. You'll see once you know me for a little longer.

A few other interests of mine are sleeping, baking, reading, watching my favorite youtubers, and most of all: daydreaming~! XD

My online friends:

Good friends (that I know through the internet as well):


Great artists:

Great authors:

Check out this guy's music:

Check out this girl's sim dates:

A really awesome person:

THAT IS ALL! :iconsuperw00tplz:

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