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Hello~! I have to warn you that the only creepypasta I read besides this one was the Hetalia one, and I won't be able to compare. But I...

London is burning by JohannesVIII

I loved it! I had to take down the originality a notch because this was basically based of a screenshot, but it still was high because ...


I am sO INCREDIBLY LAZY. Four day weekend started to day (yay) but I don't want to do shit. I just need glue some shit to a box and waltz into school on monday with rays of sunshine coming out of my ass. But that isn't all.

In my English class, each one of us is supposed to write a short fiction narrative story/essay (kinda), and our rough draft is supposed to be done by monday (btw, after I get my grade I'll post my essay up here). But, me being a dumb ass, I made up a TWELVE PART (original) STORY THAT PIECES TOGETHER SLOWER THAN A FUCKING SNAIL, and I'm on like part. . . . four I think? YAY ME.

So right now my lil bro's taking a nap, and both of my parents are gone, but all I wanna do is watch danisnotonfire :(

Grrr, I really wish we had a longer time period to do this, cause I'm having major writers block. I know I just need to get off my ass, but I don't wanna! TT^TT

I hate myself so much right no-WAIT I JUST REALIZED THAT THERE'S ICE CREAM IN THE FREEZER *zooms off*
  • Mood: Lazy
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  • Reading: Dragon Knights Vol. 25
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Canada - 1000 Forms Of Fear by 0lexdelapp
Canada - 1000 Forms Of Fear
Inspired by [link]
Based on [link]

So I wanted to do something special for my 100th deviation (woot! woot! :D) Originally was gonna do some deep one-shot or start a new reader insert series with Jeff The Killer (btw, that's a WIP). AND THEN I SAW DAT VIDEO, and I immediately thought of Canada. So HERE YA GO~! (srry for crappy quality, I did it in deviantART muro)

Canada's hair is not drawn by me of course.
Wingless (Possible) Pairings by 0lexdelapp
Wingless (Possible) Pairings
For my least popular story, "Wingless". It seriously has like one fan but I don't care because they're my babies and I love them. I've been having writers block on this story for a really long time, and just wanted to get a little bit back into it (aka, not forget it completely). Btw, Oddenden hasn't appeared or been mentioned in the story yet. She's kinda like the 2p of Eve (Hetalians will get this), but they're actually really good friends. 

Idea: Oddenden and Elijah are a rock band, and Eve and Harry are like one of those country singer couples that are all about the bible or whatever. :iconcanadaderpplz:
Why, in the name of everything that breathes, is writing written in second person not allowed on!? I did read the guidelines when I joined, and somebody reported me recently when I uploaded a reader insert that was originally on this website. Now I know that I broke a rule, but not everyone remembers this shit! It seems that I either I change all my chapters to first of third person, or I get kicked off the website. I don't think that's fair, just over some little thing.

Their exact words were, "Learn to read the guidelines, eh? Have fin losing your story and possibly your account!" Sounds like they're just looking after me, right? Well, actually, they probably are, but it still pisses me off. I went and reread all the guidlines, thinking it was just I put the wrong rating on it, and just found out it was just written in the only perspective I couldn't write in. BUUUUL SHIIT!! I'm mad now >:(

What made me even more mad was that there were plenty other reader inserts on the website, and they're not gone are they? THEN WHY WAS I REPORTED THE DAY I POSTED IT!?
  • Mood: Annoyed
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